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As awareness of mental health issues grow, there’s never been a better time to talk. We’re bringing young people together to share their stories over a cup of tea, in a safe environment, with people who understand. It’s free to join and all are welcome, please do email us if you’d like to chat. Remember, it’s always okay to talk.

Our Hosts

Dominic McGregor

COO & Co-Founder, The Social Chain Group

Dominic is the 25 year old co-founder and COO of global phenomenon The Social Chain Group. Well aware of the pressures on young professionals, Dom is keen to break the stigma around mental health and ensure the conversation about sobriety, anxiety and stress is kept flowing.

Kiera Lawlor

Director of Happiness and People, The Social Chain Group

Kiera is Director of Happiness & People at The Social Chain Group. Her unique job role has seen her featured in The Guardian, The Daily Mail and profiled on virgin.com, to name but a few. Kiera is a passionate advocate of LGBTQ rights and wants to lift the lid on talking honestly and openly about mental health in its varied forms.

Katy Leeson

Managing Director, Social Chain

Katy is the UK Managing Director of Social Chain and an IPA Women of Tomorrow finalist. Katy is keen to smash glass ceilings and speaks openly about her personal journey up the professional ladder. An advocate of speaking up and seeking help, Katy wants to empower others and encourage discussions around all attributes of mental health.

Join us for our weekly meetings as we learn from each other and try to figure it out together.


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